Little Soup Chef and the Couch Crisis

Ahhh, adjustability.  Tonight, Lily had a great night… mostly.  When I came home from work, she had dinner ready and the table set.  She had made soup from scratch using beef bouillon, chipotle seasoning, an assortment of spices and kale.  It was actually pretty delicious.  She also made grilled cheese sandwiches in the microwave, which were not quite as good, but she said she had given me the softest one!

This girl is definitely not a recipe cook.  She likes to dream up concoctions, which are usually surprisingly tasty.  She’s already kind of a ‘foodie’.  She’s always had gourmet taste.  As a toddler, she ate all the exotic olives off the Thanksgiving relish tray.  She never liked ‘kid’ foods and preferred more adult flavors… loves lemon, balsamic vinegar, sushi and wasabi.  She says the milk at the grocery store tastes like the carton and that’s the reason we get fresh milk delivered.

We were on track for a smooth evening when, just before bed, Zoolander told me that Lily was in her room sobbing about the new couch we bought while she was at camp.

Dad, sister and I had actually discussed this at the furniture store.   I suggested taking a picture of the couch and sending it to her at camp so she wouldn’t be caught off-guard when she came home.  They wanted to surprise her.  They won and Lily seemed okay with it at first, but she eventually lost it and cried and cried for the couch that she professed she loved.  She said she hated the new couch, but I cuddled with her on the new couch and explained exactly why we bought it until she calmed down and she finally decided that it was pretty comfortable.  Sometimes she just needs someone to help her walk through something and then she’s fine.  Couch crisis averted.

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