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Fostering a souffle in your home.

Our local GT association and the school district’s ‘Department of Diverse Learners’ are sponsoring a GT seminar tomorrow night.  The topic is ‘Fostering Autonomous Learners in Your Home.’  I won’t be attending.  I’ll be too busy fostering autonomous learners in my home. Seriously, the kind of GT/twice exceptional learners I have, I don’t have time to attend seminars.  I’m too busy helping them with their homework every night.  

I’m not saying this seminar is an example of this, but I usually feel like most seminars, classes, workshops, etc don’t offer me much useful, day to day, in the trenches information. They all seem to be about 2E theory.  I need practical, concrete steps on how to help my twice exceptional kids with daily living skills and school work.

Lily has trouble with writing.  She has a hard time planning the steps to form a structure.  At this point, she would never be able to write something like this herself.  But, when we work on it together, she does well.  I have to guide her with the structure and start the sentences for her.  

Here’s a story that Lily and wrote together… the first chapter of her “Me” book at school.

Lily Souffle
I love cooking.  I spend long hours in the kitchen making up my own recipes.  Most of them are pretty good.  I love mixing flavors to make something new.  If there was one recipe that probably best describes me it would be a soufflé.

A soufflé is a light and fluffy baked cake that can be made savory or sweet.   It’s a complicated dish that is difficult for even a French chef to master.  Like me, a soufflé is not a simple recipe to create.

A soufflé is sophisticated and delicate.  It’s hard to keep puffy outside the oven because even just a loud noise can deflate a soufflé.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the same way.  I can be sensitive to my surroundings, and I can be easily spazzed out by loud noises. But, if all the conditions are right, I can rise high.

A soufflé is a unique dish, devoured by young and old.  I’m not saying that I’m devoured by young and old, but I do think that I’m definitely out-of-the ordinary.  My ideas are marvelously strange.

Even though making a soufflé can be a bit of trouble, the delicious results are well-worth it. Eating a soufflé is quite an experience.  It’s a fun dessert that can make people happy, JUST LIKE ME!



I almost cried this morning before I walked into work, all because I forgot my security badge.

I remembered so very many things this morning, but not my badge, which I would need to get into my office building.  Now I would have to walk all the way around to the front door, carrying the flower I remembered to stop and buy for a friend who needed cheering up and the lunch that I remembered to pack for myself this morning because our team was scheduled for a lunch mtg with the company partners.

Oh, and there was the cat poop scooper and cat toys I remembered to stop at the store and buy this morning for Zoolander’s Animal Shelter social studies project and there were the lunches and snacks and water I remembered to pack for my twice exceptional girls.  (Although, Lily forgot and left the snacks & water in the car.)

There were the spelling words I remembered to tell Zoolander to bring to the car this morning, so I could quiz her on the way to drop her sister off and the package I remembered to stop and pick up at the post office after we dropped her sister off.  There was the math app, PopMath, I remembered to download so Zoolander can practice her math facts on my phone.  Then, there was the text that I remembered to write for the High School Helper I just hired, telling her the plan for the afternoon. And there was the email I sent to the ADHD coach, giving her a heads up about what Lily might need to discuss with her at their appointment after school… gas for my car, trash out to the curb, pick up CSA veggies….

But wait, there’s much, much more… but I won’t go into that.  It’s just a long list of things to remember when you’re functioning as the frontal lobe for 3 people, while your husband is on an island cruise… working.  No, really.  He worked on a cruise ship last week.  I know.  I hate him too.  Oh, wait… no, this the week he was working at Crater Lake Nat’l Park in Oregon.

So, when I sat in the office parking lot this morning, gathering up all the things I remembered and discovering that I forgot my badge, my eyes stung and I remembered that I wish I had someone to remember things for ME.

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