I am the mother of two 2E or Twice Exceptional girls, ages 13 and 10.  Both are gifted, but struggle with learning differences.

Lily, my oldest, has Sensory Integration issues and ADHD which impairs her Executive Functioning and makes her extremely disorganized. Because of her Executive Function deficits, Lily also has trouble with written expression and emotional regulation.

My youngest, who wants to be known as Zoolander, has Sensory Processing issues and highly-compensated dyslexia, which means she’s a good reader, but struggles with written expression and math calculation.

I’m not an expert, but am trying to teach myself enough to advocate for them at school and eventually teach them to advocate for themselves.

  1. I love your blog and can relate to having 2 x 2E kids. Our boys are 16 and 14, and keep me very busy with their school and health issues. We have a yahoo support group and online resource library for parents and educators of 2E children. Please visit at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2E_Network_LA. Hope to keep in touch with you. Marcie Booth, founder- 2E Network LA

    • Hi! Just joined the group! I’ve been so busy surviving my 2E’s, haven’t had time to write about living with them. Just finished up our 504 & IEP mtgs for the spring. Trying to at least keep up on Twitter with #gtchat.

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