Organizing a 2E Student-The Gates of Hell?


End of summer is approaching.  Dread.  The hummingbirds will leave and the school buses will arrive, and this year we have to pay for them… 100 bucks per student to ride the bus.

The sight of school supplies piling up in the stores makes my tummy feel yucky.  We have exactly 3 weeks.

Can you say, umm… The Gates of Hell?

(How handy that WT took 4000 pictures of this sculpture, before I beat him to death with a baguette.)

The Gates of Hell

Guess what?  Funny thing… Rodin wasn’t exactly big on school himself and not everyone ‘got’ him.  Some of his most famous work was criticized and rejected because Rodin’s style and themes weren’t traditional.  Sound familiar?

Anyway, soon we’ll be meeting with Lily’s team at school to talk about our plan to support her executive function deficits and teach Lily more organizational skills.

I feel like I’m cramming for an exam.  I read for pleasure on the plane to Paris.  I just couldn’t bring myself to think about the start of school yet.  But now, I need to get down to some serious research.

I have a few books about organization I’ve started reading in preparation.  I’m looking for some really practical, concrete suggestions & tips that will get us from home to school and back every day.

I’m not sure I can make it through another school year like last year.  But I feel that, because of our mediation with the school district at the end of last year, we’re finally going to have some specific supports in place to make 7th grade easier on all of us.

Organizing from the Inside Out

Organizing from the Inside Out

Organizing from the Inside Out For Teens

Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens

Organizing Solutions for People with ADD

Organizing Solutions for People with ADD

The Organized Student

The Organized Student

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  1. Glee, have you all tried a watch that she can wear and set a timer by minutes? I know it’s basic and you probably already tried it, but I was just wondering if it would work to be able to prompt her to set her wrist timer when she has X number of minutes until she HAS to do something or else be late, etc. I was actually thinking the same principle might help my mama brain and tendency to get distracted by whatever my busy infant is doing that takes me mentally away from that thing I was supposed to do 5 minutes ago now that it’s 30 minutes past. Anyway, looks like the girls go back to school the same day I go back to work. ho hum.

  2. You and another friend of mine need to meet. I’ll email you – she reads your blog, too.

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