It’s a Myth! ADHD Kids DO Have the Power to Focus

How does Lily occupy herself while Zoolander is growing mold?  Like many ADHD kids who are deemed ‘inattentive’, Lily can super-duper focus when it’s on a project she’s come up with herself.

Last weekend?  It was crafting a horse bridle from twine and a rubber band, and then, of course, sewing a saddle blanket for the lucky horse.

Photo by Lily
Photo by Lily

This weekend?  

Saturday–Sorting and polishing coins… for hours!

Sunday–Making her own animated movie for her Greek project at school.  These XtraNormal movies are so much fun!  Her movie tells the story of Hades kidnapping Persephone and dragging her to the Underworld to be his wife. Hades happens to be wearing some sort of Viking getup in Lily’s version, which adds a certain timeless appeal to the story.

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  1. Too funny! Btw, at Lily's age I also spent hours upon hours sorting coins. I'd sort them into piles by decade and then lay them out chronologically by year. Never went so far as polishing them though.

  2. This movie is *awesome.* Makes me want to go play on xtranormal.

  3. She had Xtranormal figured out in seconds and spent hours making various movies. She certainly didn't mind writing when she was scripting dialogue!

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