Return from Outdoor Lab

Photo by Lily

Lily came home from Outdoor Lab yesterday, bubbling with excitement and stories.  She had a great time.  Her only complaint was the food.  She declared it gross and said she couldn’t wait to eat some decent food again.  

Lily said she loved all the classes and wishes she could have school outside all the time.  I’ve always thought that she might thrive at a Waldorf school, which emphasizes experiential learning in an outdoor setting.  Lily is definitely is drawn to the outdoors and I have an adult friend with ADHD who is a scientist and a long-time backpacker and he says being outdoors is calming for him.

At Outdoor Lab, they went on long hikes and visited the small on-site planetarium for science class.  They studied history in the restored buildings of the original homestead.  Instructors got in character, dressed in period costumes and Lily said it was very entertaining.  She said one night for their evening program a mountain man named Bear visited and told them stories. He demonstrated his black-powder rifle and Lily said her teacher warned her that it would be loud, so it was okay.


Watercolor by Lily

 She had 3 special elective classes… watercolor painting, photography and duct tape wallet-making.  Yes!… duct tape wallet-making… now that is a life-long skill worth learning.
I love seeing her come home so happy and confident, just like a regular ol’ kiddo.

Duct tape wallet by Lily

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